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YouTube Converts to Islam juillet 15 2009

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Sister Tanya from Canada explains how she became Muslim juillet 15 2009

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How to Convert to Islam and Become a Muslim/:

US Guantanamo guard converts to Islam juin 1 2009

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please see this web site:

Americain(e)s converted by youtube juin 1 2009

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please see this web(that’s good for you):

American converti par un verset :”Aujourd’hui, J’ai parachevé pour vous votre religion, et accompli sur vous Mon bienfait. Et J’agrée l’Islam comme religion pour vous.” mars 18 2009

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c’est une vrai histoire d’un professeur américain qui n’a rien avoir avec notre religion, cette personne a lu l’évangile et thora et beaucoup d’autres choses, mais lorsqu’il a ouvert le coran la première verset qu’il a lu c’est “Aujourd’hui, J’ai parachevé pour vous votre religion, et accompli sur vous Mon bienfait. Et J’agrée l’Islam comme religion pour vous.”Al maedaDirectement il décide de se convertir, soubhana allah ce verset était Lacause de sa conversion Et J’agrée l’Islam comme religion pour vous*Voici un reportage sur notre frère américain:

Cat Stevens : How I came to Islam mars 11 2009

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Cat Stevens : How I came to Islam

            All I have to say is all what you know already, to confirm what you already know, the message of the Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) as given by God - the Religion of Truth. As human beings we are given a consciousness and a duty that has placed us at the top of creation. Man is created to be God’s deputy on earth, and it is important to realize the obligation to rid ourselves of all illusions and to make our lives a preparation for the next life. Anybody who misses this chance is not likely to be given another, to be brought back again and again, because it says in Qur’an Majeed that when man is brought to account, he will say, {O Lord, send us back and give us another chance} The Lord will say, {If I send you back you will do the same}


I was brought up in the modern world of all the luxury and the high life of show business. I was born in a Christian home, but we know that every child is born in his original nature - it is only his parents that turn him to this or that religion. I was given this religion (Christianity) and thought this way. I was taught that God exists, but there was no direct contact with God, so we had to make contact with Him through Jesus - he was in fact the door to God. This was more or less accepted by me, but I did not swallow it all.


I looked at some of the statues of Jesus; they were just stones with no life. And when they said that God is three, I was puzzled even more but could not argue. I more or less believed it, because I had to have respect for the faith of my parents.



Gradually I became alienated from this religious upbringing. I started making music. I wanted to be a big star. All those things I saw in the films and on the media took hold of me, and perhaps I thought this was my God, the goal of making money. I had an uncle who had a beautiful car. “Well,” I said, “he has it made. He has a lot of money.” The people around me influenced me to think that this was it; this world was their God.


I decided then that this was the life for me; to make a lot of money, have a ‘great life.’ Now my examples were the pop stars. I started making songs, but deep down I had a feeling for humanity, a feeling that if I became rich I would help the needy. (It says in the Qur’an, we make a promise, but when we make something, we want to hold onto it and become greedy.)


So what happened was that I became very famous. I was still a teenager, my name and photo were splashed in all the media. They made me larger than life, so I wanted to live larger than life and the only way to do that was to be intoxicated (with liquor and drugs).



After a year of financial success and ‘high’ living, I became very ill, contracted TB and had to be hospitalized. It was then that I started to think: What was to happen to me? Was I just a body, and my goal in life was merely to satisfy this body? I realized now that this calamity was a blessing given to me by Allah, a chance to open my eyes - “Why am I here? Why am I in bed?” - and I started looking for some of the answers. At that time there was great interest in the Eastern mysticism. I began reading, and the first thing I began to become aware of was death, and that the soul moves on; it does not stop. I felt I was taking the road to bliss and high accomplishment. I started meditating and even became a vegetarian. I now believed in ‘peace and flower power,’ and this was the general trend. But what I did believe in particular was that I was not just a body. This awareness came to me at the hospital.


One day when I was walking and I was caught in the rain, I began running to the shelter and then I realized, ‘Wait a minute, my body is getting wet, my body is telling me I am getting wet.’ This made me think of a saying that the body is like a donkey, and it has to be trained where it has to go. Otherwise, the donkey will lead you where it wants to go.


Then I realized I had a will, a God-given gift: follow the will of God. I was fascinated by the new termino- logy I was learning in the Eastern religion. By now I was fed up with Christianity. I started making music again and this time I started reflecting my own thoughts. I remember the lyric of one of my songs. It goes like this: “I wish I knew, I wish I knew what makes the Heaven, what makes the Hell. Do I get to know You in my bed or some dusty cell while others reach the big hotel?” and I knew I was on the Path.


I also wrote another song, “The Way to Find God Out.” I became even more famous in the world of music. I really had a difficult time because I was getting rich and famous, and at the same time, I was sincerely searching for the Truth. Then I came to a stage where I decided that Buddhism is all right and noble, but I was not ready to leave the world. I was too attached to the world and was not prepared to become a monk and to isolate myself from society.


I tried Zen and Ching, numerology, tarot cards and astrology. I tried to look back into the Bible and could not find anything. At this time I did not know anything about Islam, and then, what I regarded as a miracle occurred. My brother had visited the mosque in Jerusalem and was greatly impressed that while on the one hand it throbbed with life (unlike the churches and synagogues which were empty), on the other hand, an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity prevailed.



When he came to London he brought back a translation of the Qur’an, which he gave to me. He did not become a Muslim, but he felt something in this religion, and thought I might find something in it also.


And when I received the book, a guidance that would explain everything to me - who I was; what was the purpose of life; what was the reality and what would be the reality; and where I came from - I realized that this was the true religion; religion not in the sense the West understands it, not the type for only your old age. In the West, whoever wishes to embrace a religion and make it his only way of life is deemed a fanatic. I was not a fanatic, I was at first confused between the body and the soul. Then I realized that the body and soul are not apart and you don’t have to go to the mountain to be religious. We must follow the will of God. Then we can rise higher than the angels. The first thing I wanted to do now was to be a Muslim.


I realized that everything belongs to God, that slumber does not overtake Him. He created everything. At this point I began to lose the pride in me, because hereto I had thought the reason I was here was because of my own greatness. But I realized that I did not create myself, and the whole purpose of my being here was to submit to the teaching that has been perfected by the religion we know as Al-Islam. At this point I started discovering my faith. I felt I was a Muslim. On reading the Qur’an, I now realized that all the Prophets sent by God brought the same message. Why then were the Jews and Christians different? I know now how the Jews did not accept Jesus as the Messiah and that they had changed His Word. Even the Christians misunderstand God’s Word and called Jesus the son of God. Everything made so much sense. This is the beauty of the Qur’an; it asks you to reflect and reason, and not to worship the sun or moon but the One Who has created everything. The Qur’an asks man to reflect upon the sun and moon and God’s creation in general. Do you realize how different the sun is from the moon? They are at varying distances from the earth, yet appear the same size to us; at times one seems to overlap the other.


Even when many of the astronauts go to space, they see the insignificant size of the earth and vastness of space. They become very religious, because they have seen the Signs of Allah.


When I read the Qur’an further, it talked about prayer, kindness and charity. I was not a Muslim yet, but I felt that the only answer for me was the Qur’an, and God had sent it to me, and I kept it a secret. But the Qur’an also speaks on different l I began to understand it on anothlevel, where the Qur’an says, {Those who believe do not take disbelievers for friends and the believers are brothers} Thus at this point I wished to meet my Muslim brothers.



Then I decided to journey to Jerusalem (as my brother had done). At Jerusalem, I went to the mosque and sat down. A man asked me what I wanted. I told him I was a Muslim. He asked what was my name. I told him, “Stevens.” He was confused. I then joined the prayer, though not so successfully. Back in London, I met a sister called Nafisa. I told her I wanted to embrace Islam and she directed me to the New Regent Mosque. This was in 1977, about one and a half years after I received the Qur’an.

Now I realized that I must get rid of my pride, get rid of Iblis, and face one direction. So on a Friday, after Jumma’ I went to the Imam and declared my faith (the Kalima) at this hands. You have before you someone who had achieved fame and fortune. But guidance was something that eluded me, no matter how hard I tried, until I was shown the Qur’an. Now I realize I can get in direct contact with God, unlike Christianity or any other religion. As one Hindu lady told me, “You don’t understand the Hindus. We believe in one God; we use these objects (idols) to merely concentrate.” What she was saying was that in order to reach God, one has to create associates, that are idols for the purpose. But Islam removes all these barriers. The only thing that moves the believers from the disbelievers is the salat. This is the process of purification.


Finally I wish to say that everything I do is for the pleasure of Allah and pray that you gain some inspirations from my experiences. Furthermore, I would like to stress that I did not come into contact with any

Muslim before I embraced Islam. I read the Qur’an first and realized that no person is perfect. Islam is perfect, and if we imitate the conduct of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) we will be successful. May Allah give us guidance to follow the path of the ummah of Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam). Ameen!

Americain de l’armé de l’air converti a l’islam février 15 2009

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WHY NOT YOU??????????


How To Become Muslim

All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the universe. May peace and blessings of Allah be upon Mohammad, His last messenger.

“Some people have a wrong notion that entering into the Islamic fold requires an announcement from the concerned person in the presence of high ranking scholars or shaikhs or reporting this act to courts of justice or other authorities. It is also thought that the act of accepting Islam, should, as a condition, have a certificate issued by the authorities, as evidence to that effect.

We wish to clarify that the whole matter is very easy and that none of these conditions or obligations are required. For Allah, Almighty, is above all comprehension and knows well the secrets of all hearts. Nevertheless, those who are going to adopt Islam as their religion are advised to register themselves as Muslims with the concerned governmental agency, as this procedure may facilitate for them many matters including the possibility of performing Hadj (Pilgrimage) and Umrah.” [1]

To become Muslim, you have to pronounce the Testimony of Faith ‘Shahada’, with sincere faith.  

The implication of the Shihada is that you believe that there is only one God, Allah, Who alone deserves to be worshipped. It also implies that you believe in Muhammad, peace be upon him, as the Messenger of God, and you believe in his message. It also means that you believe in all of God’s Prophets, including Jesus, peace be upon him, who is a Messenger of God and NOT divine or son of God.

If you accept this, the only thing that remains for you to become Muslim, is to say the Shahada, while believing in it with your heart word for word as follows:

“I bear witness that there is no God except Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”

then repeat this same testimony in Arabic as follows:

“Ash hadu anlla ilaha ilallah, wa ash hadu anna Muhammadan rasul ullah” 

Of course faith is not only words but is complemented with action, so upon reciting the Shahada one should begin to learn and uphold his/her duties as a Muslim.  The main pillars of Islam as you know are:

The next step now after the Shahada is to take a complete shower (bath) with the intention of purifying yourself to be ready for prayers.

For information about learning the prayers and other resources for new Muslims please refer to the New Muslim’s Page

Finally, be sure to contact Islamway team and share with us the great news about your decision to become Muslim.  We will be happy to provide you with all the assistance we can inshAllah and put you in touch with other brothers and sisters in your community.  

[1]  Extract from “HOW TO BECOME A MUSLIM” originally prepared & published by Cooperative Office for Call and Guidance - Riyadh

70.000 Français se convertissent à l’Islam annuellement! février 15 2009

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Votre premier pas pour devenir musulman(e)

Louange à Allah Le Seigneur de l’univers. Que la paix et la bénédiction soient sur le Prophète Mohammed.
Cette lettre est destinée à corriger certaines fausses idées répandues parmi ceux qui ont le désir de devenir musulman, selon lesquelles il faudrait faire, entre autre, une déclaration de conversion en présence d’un ou plusieurs Imams ou amis, , et que ce choix devrait être confirmé et validé par le changement obligatoire du nom et bien d’autres erreurs répandues dans la communauté musulmane et qui souvent freine le convertit dans sa démarche, qui plus est si celui-ci ne connaît pas grand monde par exemple..

En fait, il est primordial de corriger cette mauvaise compréhension, car aucune des conditions citées ci-dessus n’est obligatoire pour devenir musulman. Allah Le Très Haut, Le Savant, connaît parfaitement le secret des cœurs. Néanmoins, le fait de faire enregistrer administrativement son choix de devenir musulman facilitera certaines démarches de la vie du musulman, comme faire le pèlerinage (Le Hadj ou la Omra) , de même, la plupart des pays musulmans réclament un certificat de conversion à l’Islam pour enregistrer les mariages avec des musulmanes de naissance.

Une personne qui désire sincèrement devenir musulmane doit suivre quelques étapes importantes au préalable : Il faut tout d’abord avoir la conviction que l’Islam est effectivement la religion révélée par Allah Le Très Haut, aux Prophètes depuis Adam salutations d’Allah sur Lui jusqu’à arrivé au Prophète Mohammed (paix et bénédiction sur lui)qui est le sceaux des Prophètes et ce pour l’humanité toute entière. Il faut aussi une démarche réfléchie qui fait que la personne c’est renseigné sur les bases de l’Islam et de ce qui l’attend en tant que musulman ; quelles sont ses obligations, devoirs religieux. Cette démarche devra être sincère de ce fait la personne ne peut devenir musulmane pour autre qu’Allah exalté soit-il, cela implique que l’on ne peut se convertir pour faire plaisir à quelqu’un, ou lui ressembler, ou pour un mariage. Une fois décidé la personne devra prononcer en comprenant son sens : l’attestation de Foi (La chahâda) qui consiste à dire :
« Ach’hadou Allâ Ilâha illa-l-Llâh wa Ach’hadou Anna Mouhammadan Rassoûlou Llâh »
et dont le sens en français est: « Je témoigne qu’il n’y a aucune divinité digne d’être adoré en dehors d’Allah et que Mohammed est Son Messager »

Allah exalté soit-Il dit dans Le Coran sourate 3, verset 19 : « Certes la religion acceptée par Allah, c’est l’Islam. »

Et dans un autre verset (5 :48) : « Et sur toi, Nous avons fait descendre le Livre avec la vérité pour confirmer le livre qui était avant lui et pour prévaloir sur lui. »

Les piliers de l’Islam.

Le Prophète Mohammed (paix et bénédiction sur lui) a dit : « Les fondements de l’Islam sont au nombre de cinq : l’attestation qu’il n’y a aucune divinité digne d’être adoré en dehors d’Allah et que Mohammed est Son Messager, l’accomplissement de la prière, l’acquittement de la Zakât (l’impôt sur les richesses au profit des pauvres et des nécessiteux) , le jeûne du mois de Ramadan et le Pèlerinage à la Mecque. »

La prononciation seule de la déclaration de foi ne peut suffire pour vraiment être musulman, elle doit être sincère, avec connaissance de ce qu’elle implique, certitude dans le cœur, et amour pour ce qu’elle proclame. De plus, elle doit être confirmée par les actions enseignées dans le Coran et la Sunna du Prophète Mohammed.

Quel est la signification de la déclaration de Foi ? (La Shahada)

« Ach’hadou Allâ ilâha illa l-Llâh »

Il est primordial de comprendre que son sens est d’avoir la certitude qu’il est obligatoire de rejeter toute forme d’adoration attribuée à d’autres que Allah exalté soit-Il, et d’avoir la certitude que Allah exaltésoit-Il est le seul qui doit être adoré, car c’est Lui Le Très Haut , Le Seul et Unique, Le Créateur, Le Seigneur, Le Maître de l’univers et du Jour du Jugement , c’est Lui qui donne la vie et c’est Lui qui donne la mort, l’être humain doit donc L’adorer exclusivement.

« Ach’hadou Anna Mouhammadan Rassoûlou Llâh »
C’est le témoignage avec connaissance et certitude que le Prophète Mohammed salutation d’Allah sur lui est le Messager d’Allah et qu’il est obligatoire et nécessaire de le suivre conformément à ce qu’Allah Le Très Haut nous a ordonné, en nous référant au Coran et à la Sunna (tradition du Prophète).

Que signifie adorer Allah exalté soit-Il ?

Adorer Allah exalté soit-Il c’est Lui obéir dans les obligations et délaisser ce qu’Il nous a interdit. Il y a deux formes d’adoration : l’adoration par les convictions et l’adoration par les actes.

L’adoration par les actes : C’est tout ce qui concerne les réglementations sur le bon usage, le culte, le licite et l’illicite d’après les enseignements du Coran et de la Sunna.

L’adoration par les convictions : C’est de croire en Allah exalté soit-Il, Ses Anges, Ses livres, Ses prophètes, le Jour du Jugement, et le Destin bon ou mauvais (les six piliers de la Foi). Cette forme d’adoration est très importante car c’est dans le cœur que naissent les intentions et les actions.
Toutes les formes d’adoration dans la croyance, la compréhension, ou les œuvres extérieures de la religion qui ne sont pas conformes aux enseignements d’Allah exalté soit-Il et aux enseignements du Prophète Mohammed salutations d’Allah sur Lui ne sont pas acceptées.

Que faire après la chahâda ?

Après la chahâda le nouveau musulman doit se laver complètement le corps pour se purifier. Après cela il devra s’appliquer à apprendre et pratiquer ce qu’Allah Le Très Haut a prescrit dans Le Coran et dans la Sunna du Prophète Mohammed (que la paix et la bénédiction soient sur lui). Allah Le Très Haut dit dans Le Coran (2 :256) : « Nulle contrainte en religion ! Car le bon chemin s’est distingué de l’égarement. Donc quiconque mécroit au Rebelle, tandis qu’il croit en Allah, a saisit l’anse la plus solide, qui ne peut se briser. Et Allah entend tout et est Omniscient. »

On commence par la prière :
Pour cela il y a différents moyens et nous vous proposons soit de visiter notre liens sur la prière ou de suivre des cours d’initiations à l’islam et vous pouvez pour cela consulter le programme de l’année.
Si vous n’avez pas l’occasion de suivre des cours vous pouvez nous contacter au centre Islamique pour une entrevue avec un des professeurs qui vous aidera dans l’apprentissage de votre prière, ou de faire cela avec un ami qui connaît très bien les règles de la prière.

Ensuite vous devrez vous mettre au courant par rapport aux autres piliers de l’Islam.

Il est important de se renseigner convenablement par rapport à votre religion pour que toutes ces démarches se fassent dans un ordre chronologique qui vous permettra de pratiquer votre religion convenablement.

Nous demandons au Très Haut de nous guider, d’ouvrir nos cœurs et nos esprits pour accepter la vérité tel qu’elle est.

Que la paix et la bénédiction de Dieu soient sur le Prophète Mohammed sur sa famille et sur ses Compagnons.


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WHY NOT YOU????????

WHY NOT YOU????????

WHY NOT YOU????????


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